Still images from the DVD. This DVD contains seated exercises at three levels of challenge:
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About the Tai Chi Ruler

The Ancient Tai Chi Ruler system of Chi Kung seems to have been secretly handed down from generation to generation within families and only taught to close friends. It was only taught openly in China in the 1950s. Practitioners of this art were reported to live to an old age in good health and with fine complexion.

The system has two training approaches. One with a sculpted wooden object and the other open handed.

The Ruler itself is made out of ash, although different systems mention other variations of wood. The Ruler fits in the palm of both hands and slow rhythmic movements are done with it. This encourages subtle changes in the body's energy flow. The movements can be done focused on the breath, which creates a sedative, calming effect, leading to a feeling of peacefulness and calm.

As with any tradition there are variations of movements and subtle preference of nuance. The system offered here is as taught by Franklyn Sills, who studied with Fong Ha who teaches near San Francisco.
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This system does create a very serene state of mind and the feeling gives the impression of timelessness. It creates a sense of sleepiness which leads to a relaxed fullness within the body.

Practitioners of this art state that they find the mind calms very quickly and the body relaxes and fills up.

The exact origin of the art as well as the shape of the Ruler are obscured by time although the shape is purported to be influenced by the shape of sword handles.

What we know for sure is that Zhao Zhougdao (1844 -1962) was the first person to teach the Ruler form of exercise publicly in China in 1954 in Beijing.
The Tai Chi Ruler System of Energy Circulation. The form of exercise shown on this DVD is a unique system of Chi Kung which contains stretching, warming up, standing and circulating exercises done with the Ruler, as well as open hand exercises.

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Tai Chi Ruler
The Ruler is made from ash and is beautifully shaped by a master craftsman. The nature of the Ruler exercises make them suitable for young or old, male or female.

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Tai Chi Ruler
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