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......Five days of Tai chi practice, with Chi Kung, meditation and relaxation. In a peaceful setting with beautiful grounds. With great tuition from an experienced, knowledgeable and talented teacher. All with a group of friendly, interesting companions from a wide range of backgrounds.

This is what we offer at the
Red Dragon Retreats Tai Chi and Chi Kung Retreat.

Since 1993 Glyn has led these popular residential retreats at All Saint's Pastoral Centre and we are delighted to announce 2011's dates and programme.

Tai Chi and Chi Kung
Glyn's retreats focus on the Tai chi hand form as taught by Professor Cheng Man-Ch'ing, Chi Kung and various weapon forms.

All are welcome
These retreats are suitable for beginners and experienced Tai chi players alike. Glyn skillfully paces his retreats so that all participants are able to participate fully and extend their knowledge and skill.

A lovely venue with easy access from London and the rest of England and the UK, All Saint's Pastoral Centre was built in 1901 as a convent. Today it is used as a retreat and conference venue but the building has retained its beauty, charm and tranquility. The main part of the centre is built round a quadrangle garden with an inner cloister. The accommodation is in single rooms with shared bathrooms. Link to the All Saint's Pastoral website.

To book, please print the relevant booking form and send to the address given on the form. You can ask us anything about the retreats with a call to Stephanie on 01304 362563.

Why come on a retreat?

A retreat implies a place where one can go. Some people attend retreats to get away from things. Some go to learn about themselves and some to experience something different. People at various times in their lives want either stability or change. When there is too much change, they want stability. If situations are the same all the time, they want change. The ancient Taoists realised that one needs to be able to balance the opposites in life - what they called the yin and the yang.

These retreats consist of physical movement and mental respite. These two factors are incredibly important aspects of life. Our retreats are open to anyone who is interested in their own health and wellbeing. Our health is so important we need to nourish it, look after it and improve it.

Comments from previous retreats

"The combination of Glyn's excellent teaching, the relaxed atmosphere of All Saint's Pastoral Centre and the concentration of doing Tai chi for several days, results in a perfect way to revitalise yourself physically and mentally. Not only does your Tai chi improve but you feel more alive and yet relaxed. Thoroughly recommended!"

Gavin Webb

"The first year I joined Glynís retreat I went for the weekend only, and loved it so much I promised myself the whole five days every year. Glyn teaches with humour and sensitivity. Above all, he has real experiential knowledge of his subject, which he teaches generously. The residence is peaceful with beautiful surroundings, and itís nice to go out early morning or in breaks and do some practice in the shade of the trees. Our days are varied, and in one day apart from Tai chi and Chi Kung, we may also meditate, spend some time outside learning one of the weapon forms and watch some DVD archive of a great Master (and much more).

At the end of the retreat, I feel thoroughly nourished, replenished and energised, ready to face another yearÖ oh and my Tai chi has improved too!"

Gabriella Doran

"I have been studying Tai chi with Glyn since 1994. In addition to these classes I have for the last 5 years been going to the retreats at the All Saints Pastoral Centre.

I have found there is a friendly and relaxed atmosphere which encourages learning, a space where it is easy to make friends. On top of all this, there is the excellent and abundant food, there are the splendid power showers, and you get your own room.

The retreats are always a different, varied experience and while there is lots to learn, there is I have found an opportunity to share with others the experience of the day, to discover other people's experiences of Tai chi and to collect tips on various aspects of push hands and sword form etc. For me, the retreat has opened doors into new worlds."

David Osman, Tai chi and chi kung teacher, especially for the elderly


These Tai Chi Retreat normally start at 11am on the first day, with arrivals from 10am, and close at 4pm on the final day. Each day has a mixture of sessions including some meditation, relaxation and stretching exercises as well as the Tai chi practice.

Tuition, accommodation and all meals included
During the Tai Chi Retreat, Glyn teaches up to 20 sessions (five day retreat), carefully paced to build energy and encourage deep relaxation over the course of the retreat.

Accommodation is in simple, single rooms with hand basins. Bathrooms are shared and within easy access of all bedrooms.

Meals are freshly prepared and special diets can be accommodated including, but not limited to, vegetarian, vegan, dairy and gluten-free. Breakfast, lunch and evening meals are included, along with morning and afternoon refreshments.


August 2010 five day Tai Chi and Chi Kung Retreat, all inclusive of tuition, meals and accommodation, £360 per person.

To book, please download booking form here and send to the address given on the form.
Tai Chi and Chi Kung Retreats

Thursday 25th August to Monday 29th August 2011
£360 per person with accommodation & full board

All Saint's Pastoral Centre, Hertfordshire, England, UK

Seated exercises to do sitting at your desk
Still images from the DVD. This DVD contains seated exercises at three levels of challenge:

Urban Chi Download
All Saints Pastoral Centre, London Colney, UK
Tai chi retreat at All Saints Pastoral Centre, London Colney, UK
Click here to view a video of the 2008 Summer Tai chi and Chi Kung retreat